Best AA Battery Flashlight Reviews 2023

Best AA Battery Flashlight Reviews in 2022 clearly demonstrates the power of the users reviews and eye witness accounts. Having a reliable flashlight is a must. It is on almost every “just in case” checklist. From roadside assistance, to home emergency, to survivor’s toolkit, a flashlight is recommended to provide light when natural or electrical is not available. Most of those “just in case” lists also call for batteries. They can be used to operate radios and, most importantly, flashlights.

Because batteries come with a price tag and a requirement to actually remember to purchase them, some people opt for rechargeable. Today’s flashlights can be purchased with rechargeable batteries and charging stations. These flashlights range in cost from $14.99 to upwards of $200.00. However, there is a downside to rechargeable batteries and flashlights. They only work properly when the batteries are fully charged and they can only be charged when there is a source of energy. If a flashlight is needed for camping, hiking or unexpected emergencies, it is a good idea to own a flashlight that can run on regular, disposable batteries.

In addition to type of battery, there are several things that should be considered when purchasing a flashlight. The first thing is how you will use your light. If you are using it just to be able to see around as needed in the dark, a flashlight with low lumen output is fine. However, if you will be trying to light up an entire room, you will need something with an output over 60 lumens (preferably up to 1,000).   If you plan to use the flashlight to light a path across a house or yard, you’ll also need to take beam distance into consideration–how far will the light shine.

In addition to lumens and beam distance, you should also consider run time, durability, water resistance and beam type. Run time refers to not only how the flashlight will operate before batteries must be replaced but how long it will operate before the light begins to dim. If the flashlight won’t be stationary, you should also consider durability. Will it break if it drops from a countertop or rooftop? Beam type refers to how light is dispersed rather than how far the light shines. Does it show a spotlight, can you widen the beam or does it have multiple settings?

Fenix TK 41C AA Flashlight

The Fenix is a lightweight LED flashlight that has several useful features. First, it has a tri-colored bulb system. The light may be set to red, blue or white and it can also flash red or alternate between a red / blue flash. Colored light output is approximately 25 lumens. Second, it has multiple light output settings. Regular or white light output ranges from a low of 25 lumens to a high of 1,000. The flashlight also has a strobe light feature. On the lowest setting, the Fenix can operate for 240 hours.

Best AA Battery Flashlight Reviews

The Fenix is lightweight, approximately one pound, including the eight AA batteries required for operation. It is impact resistant up to a one meter drop. It can also be submerged in water for about 30 minutes (think dropping it into a medium depth pool). To ensure battery life, there is a lock-out switch to avoid accidental usage. Customer reviews gave the Fenix high marks and confirmed claims that the light emitted from the flashlight is consistently bright.

SureFire E2L AA

The Surefire is a small flashlight weighing in at under eight ounces and measuring under eight inches. Its light output ranges from 15 lumens to a high of 120 lumens, allowing it to operate for nearly 80 hours before changing batteries. The exterior is made from high grade aluminum making the flashlight extremely sturdy. The LED light is shatter resistant and provides a focused beam of light that is able to extend a good distance.

In regards to battery usage, the flashlight may operate on AA lithium or AA alkaline. With high light output and an extended battery life, the SureFire is a great option for hiking and camping outings where consistent light may be needed for long periods of time. Customers observed that the threads on the cap made it difficult to align and reassemble when replacing batteries. There was also concern about belt clip placement–it held the flashlight in an awkward, upward position.

Nitecore EA21 AA Flashlight

If you’re looking for a flashlight with prices in the double digits, the Nitecore may be a good place to start. It’s sale price is under $60.00. It is small, weighing less than three ounces (without batteries), and measuring less than six inches. It has a maximum lumen count of 360 and it has three light settings for emergencies–strobe, SOS, and beacon. For its small size, it is quite efficient. It runs on AA alkaline batteries and has a maximum run time of 30 hours on the very lowest setting.

Best AA Battery Flashlight Reviews

The Nitecore is by no means super heavy duty. However, it does have features that make it worth considering. For instance, the medium light output of 110 lumens allows for over five hours of continuous usage. The beam reach is over 160 meters, it is shock resistant to about four feet, and it can stand submersion in water up to six feet. It is also sold in a bundle that includes the flashlight, a lanyard, a belt clip and batteries. It also has a dual-switch interface which makes it easy to adjust modes and change from on to off.

Whether you need a flashlight for an emergency, camping or to look into small spaces, there are a variety of things to consider before making a purchase. Light output, ease of use, and price are just a few things to consider. Another important variable is how the light will be used. If it will always be used in a controlled setting, you have multiple options when choosing your flashlight. However, if your light will be used for emergencies or other unanticipated scenarios, you may consider purchasing a good quality flashlight operated with batteries. The Fenix, SureFire and Nitecore brands offer models that are sturdy and will provide hours of quality, bright light all powered by disposable, AA batteries.

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