Emisar D4 Review – UPDATED 2023 – Lumens, Battery Life & More!

This Emisar D4 Review will focus on information that assists in getting a general overview of the lumens, power, strength and battery life of the flashlight. Emisar D4 will light up the way, no matter how dark the way may seem. Humans can’t survive without light, whether the source of light is artificial or natural. We depend solely on light to lead the way. In times where natural light fails us, we turn to the artificial sources to help us. With 3800 lumens, no darkness can’t be conquered.

It was designed by one of the leading pacesetters in the torchlight industry, Emisar D4 is easily one of the best of the torch out there. With amazing and peculiar features like its 3800 lumens, 12.6candela per 220 meters, more than 10 days runtime, stylish and unique design.

Emisar has a peculiar design, it has anti-reflective coated glass which reduces reflected rays of light.  The AR coated glass is a feature that is not possessed by many. It also possesses low moon output and ramping interface.

The head design is very capable of spreading heat, so it doesn’t run the risk of damaging itself. Unlike its counterparts in the torchlight industry, the Emisar D4 uses Berylium — copper rings which possess 45% superior IACS as compared to Stainless Steel ring alloy which just has 5% IACS.  

It has thermal protection that keeps it from getting excessively hot and helps regulate the temperature. It also has an electronic soft switch. The flashlight is one of a kind with no viable competitor.

Emisar D4 Review
Emisar D4 Review

 This review takes us on a tour and we explore this magnificent masterpiece. The Emisar D4, made by Hank Wang of Intl-Outdoor. It is one of the most astonishing lights that has created such a stir with its spectacular output levels. Hank has created a light by which others will be judged and at an amazingly meager price. Coming in several series of LEDs, with varying maximum output levels.

Emisar D4 Review– UPDATED 2022

With 3800 lumens and 12.6 candelas per 220 meters intensity, the Emisar D4 can light the darkest of nights. Ranging from very dim to extremely and almost blinding bright, it can light up the way 70 feet away with such brightness that can almost be compared to a clear evening. It can be used to light up a compound, useful for reading without damaging your eyes and used for nocturnal activities.

Emisar D4 is portable because of its lightweight, it can be taken to the moon and back with ease. Weighing 118g with battery and 70g without battery, it can be used during night walks, camping, even used at construction sites without the size being a problem.

Combined with its brightness, it can easily be used in any kind of situation. It has been seen from all the Emisar D4 reviews, that it is better than its counterparts because of its remarkable size, which means it can fit into your pocket or bags and it still possesses outstanding qualities.

With its anti-reflective coated glass output, you don’t have to be worried about reflected light disturbing your vision. It has six levels of brightness with the lowest mode lasting to 13 days suitable for camping for days or even hunting. This flashlight can shine as low and with the right amount of clicks be as bright as a beacon. It has no visible tint in which the light crystal clear and it also artifact-free, with a squarish area that covers a large area.

Packaging and Durability

Emisar D4 has a unique exterior made from hard-anodized aluminum that doesn’t corrode easily. In the Emisar D4 review, someone even mistakenly scratched the surface, but yet the scratch wasn’t visible on the body. It has a unique design which makes it easy to hold, and easier to carry around. It’s easily one of the best pocket torchlights out there.

With the aluminum surface, it can easily withstand the effects of corrosion. It comes in different colors and sizes, ranging from green to gray to black, all of which are stylish and powerful more than any of their counterparts.

Emisar D4 Lumens
Emisar D4 Lumens

Emisar D4 comes in a carefully padded cardboard box that keeps it safe even when the carton is dented during shipping, also there are O rings and lights foam cutouts.

Conformed to IP67  standard of 1 meter, Emisar D4 is waterproof, which means you can use on rainy days for camping. It’s also dustproof, can this torch be more amazing, so if I take a journey into the Sahara, I can be sure that this torch will come through, no matter the kind of storm, the Sahara throws at me.

Whether on a rainy or windy day, Emisar D4 is your best bet, with its combination of brightness, portability, waterproof and dust-free nature, it is easily the best among its kind.

For flashlights that are intended to use on a quotidian and possibly a long time, the form factor is extremely significant. This light fits a medium-sized hand easily which makes it fit the application in hunting expeditions. Switching between overhand and underhand holding method wasn’t an issue. The weight is an added advantage as you will certainly not feel any pain while carrying it over a long distance of time.

Though it can easily turn on in your pocket or bags, it can be easily be put in lockout mode or you can just loosen the tail cap to avoid this. To conserve energy, always leave it in this mode, and when you are ready to use, you can tighten the tail cap or remove it from the lockout mode.

Emisar D4 is efficient for everyday use, whether, for outdoor or indoor use, it will always come through no matter the situation. Its amazing features allow it to be the perfect choice for camping, hunting, military services, and any other nocturnal activities.

It can be used at home too, to light up the house in cases of blackouts or power failure. It is very efficient to keep the house bright in these times, almost as bright as natural light. The Emisar D4 is one of the most adaptive torches out there because it blends well with both outdoors and indoors activities.

Emisar D4  Vs Emisar D4S: How do they compare

This Emisar D4 review will not be complete without a comprehensive comparison of these two. Comparing the two products is like comparing a giant and a dwarf. Though they are both very good products, the Emisar D4 outmatches its competition with so many characteristics. In design and other features, the Emisar D4 is a king in its own right. You are still doubting, check them out when placed side by side.  

Both products come in similar packaging, which is simple but very effective at keeping the light safe during shipping. The cardboard box is heavily padded inside to exculpate it from unintended hits during shipping and delivery.

Although, the D4S has a wider reach than the D4. It comes with a very nice beam with only minimal artifacts. It has a round hotspot, a reflector-like spill area, and then some mild extra junk outside the edge of the spill. However, in terms of size, the Emisar D4 is better than the D4s, because it’s smaller and portable and very easy to carry compared to the D4s.

Emisar D4 Vs D4S
Emisar D4 Vs D4S

Unlike D4s that might be a burden to carry from one place to another, Emisar D4 can fit into your pocket or bag or anything you want to put it. You don’t even need to worry about getting or looking for larger batteries sizes or different sizes to put into the flashlight, you can maintain the normal size with the Emisar D4 with ease.

The Emisar D4 comes with a pocket clip, so it can also fit on the loop of your trousers, you can’t try that with the D4s. For instance, if you want to work under your vehicle then the Emisar D4 is your best bet.

The amazing Emisar D4 (because the D4 is nothing short of amazing), has more light on its turbo than the D4S. With levels ranging from the low mode to the beacon mode, the D4 has six levels of brightness as opposed to the D4S. The D4S has more lumens than the D4, but the D4 has 200 lumens with a dab of 3000 + lumens.

With its 12.6 candelas per 200 meters, you can doubt the effect of its intensity. Not to mention that the D4 can cover more grounds because it has more spill than the D4S, it’s squarish area can reach up to 70 feet. The D4 outmatched the D4S.

Though they both have optics, the D4 still stands out and artifact-free beams. A test was carried out to check the durability of D4. The Emisar D4 was dropped, mistakenly scratched, yet the anodized hard aluminum did not reveal the scratch. This did not tear the surface of the flashlight. The Emisar D4 is durable and efficient.

Comparative Summary

The D4S has too many features which makes it unnecessarily complicated and also too difficult to use. The Emisar D4 is cruder, convenient and way easier to understand. Too many features are one of the downfalls of the D4S. It is harder to use. The D4 combines simplicity, portability, brightness, and large area coverage in such a unique way. This makes it the best of the duo.

The D4S architecture is just what one everyone has been expecting from Emisar, but with some improvements. The new knurling is topnotch and gives it an improved user experience. The lanyard hole should satisfy a share of people who wanted one and upsurge safety while on the go.

The magnet is awesome for people who want one, and the overall quality is commendable. The recessed button is also an improvement and should reduce accidental activations. It’ll be harder to remove the button retaining ring if anyone wants to do that.

Comparing the two flashlights is like comparing the biblical Goliath and David. Although the D4S possesses big size, the D4 easily outmatches the D4S in durability and other features. The makers of the D4 have outdone themselves in producing such a masterpiece. However, this Emisar D4 review will not be complete without pointing these out

Emisar D4 Lumens

The D4 has 200 lumens with a dab of 3800 lumens. With six different levels of brightness, you can never go wrong with Emisar D4. From dim to almost blinding bright, the Emisar D4 brightness can be adjusted to suit your needs. With 12.6 candelas per 220 meters, the Emisar can cover a large area. At the same time is so bright.

With no tint ( which is awesome) and no artifact, the light will come out crystal clear. The Emisar D4 Lumens is one of the lightest and most compact quads powered flashlights in the world.  It has an awesome user interface, extreme user experience, and insane output.  The ramping feature allows you to dial in the exact power level you desire.

Emisar D4 Battery Life

With 3000mAh cell, the Emisar D4 can last depending on the modes. While on standby mode with 0.02mA, it can last 17 years, the lowest mode with 17 lumens.   With 9.6 mA, it can last 13  days, which shows that the Emisar D4 can last for days. Once it’s charged to the fullest, it can be used for days without charging.

While at its brightest mode, it can last for 15 minutes giving you the maximum intensity. The D4 can be compared to the sun at its brightest. Due to its maximum amount of intensity, it can be used for different things without fail. The D4 can be used for camping and nocturnal activities because of its brightness and small size. No need bothering yourself whether it will die soon enough.

That ends this Emisar D4 review. The ball is in your court to decide. So what are you going to do

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