Halo XT Multi-Use Solar Flashlight & Phone Charger

This is a haloxt tactical flashlight that will stay with you in the roughest and toughest of places. This multi-use flashlight has various functions with its sole mission of keeping you safe all day. This being the most useful part of it.

It is rechargeable and you can drain it down and you can also put it in electricity to bring it up again.

There are different functions and characteristics that are very visible with this flashlight.

They are listed below and this has served as  melting point and a deciding Factor in choosing it as the go-to flashlight for users all over the world:

 It has a weight of 10.9 oz

 It has alternative USB charging point and charging options

 The haloxt tactical flashlight multi-purpose: it has a backup solar charger, S.O.S lights, it has the best rope cutter it has glass breaking hammer, magnet, and compass

Haloxt multi-purpose flashlight

It is Waterproof

Contains solar panel and power bank

With its lightweight, the flashlight can go anywhere with you because it is handy.

Carrying it around feels so easy because of its lightweight and you will never know that you are even carrying a gadget or the most important part of your devices with you.

Haloxt solar-powered flashlight

 The flashlight can be solar-powered, it has a 50 mAh solar panel that is right inside the handle. This means that you can have power as long as you want just like the sun. It can take you anywhere for any number of hours without the battery going down.

To charge it you can quickly use electricity as it is provided with a micro USB that is attached to it. You can also use the sun to charge it. It is solar enabled to be powered and charged by the sun.

Either way, the battery that is inside the flashlight is very powerful and it is very safe for you to use

haloxt tactical flashlight

halo flashlight-designed for ultimate survival

 You’ll be surprised how useful and effective the Haloxt solar powered flashlight is. From it being a resourceful device in the dark to your ability to charge it with various means, either electricity or solar this device or flashlight is very useful at home and even in the dark.

It therefore, means that you can use it for: camping, hunting, road trips even during power outages in case your electricity distribution company fails to deliver power to your area.


 The flashlight is also very durable and it is very light to carry but heavy enough to withstand the wear and tear of the weather. It can take a lot of beating, it is made from high-quality aluminum alloy. It has a diamond thread and you can be sure that it has the best anti-slip grip. It has an adjustable wrist strap, it is also waterproof and it can be used even when wet because of its anti-slip grip

 In conclusion, I dare say that this is a very useful flashlight both at home and even on camping trips. For whatever or wherever you want to be, this flashlight will take you there. Safe by your side you can be sure it will take you home

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