Pflex Pro Flashlight Review Updated 2023

The following PFlexPro Review uncovers the unique properties of the flashlight. The importance of light can’t be overemphasized, it affects everything we do. In times when natural light fails us, we have to fall back on artificial light to come to our rescue. Pflexpro is an awesome light that can light up your life.

With extraordinary features, it can function both at home or in the forests. It can help you search for that missing clip or a car from a far distance. No matter what the situation, Pflexpro is your best bet. If you are still doubting, let’s check out the PflexPro reviews.

Designed to be one of the most powerful flashlights with amazing features, Pflex Pro is one of its kind. With 1200 lumens, which makes it so bright and penetrating, rechargeable batteries, so many menu possibilities, safe from shock and impact, PflexPro is an ideal choice no matter the situation.

Diving deeper into Pflexpro reviews, it has a lot of amazing features like a choice of reflectors, which are the orange reflector and the smooth reflector, 22 mode driver, 3.8 amps output among others. It’s also a moderate size, not too big to carry but also not too small to reduce the value of your money.

PFlexPro Review
PFlexPro Review

Although the pflexpro60 in its usual configuration is not thermally efficient – mainly because the heat from the emitter must travel through the MCPCB Assembly to the pill platform, then down the sidewalls of the pill, through the threads to the reflector shaft.

From there, the heat efficiently goes from the reflector shaft to the wrapping material into the host. In addition to the typical heat path, to improve this design, you can add a thermal silicone pad on the top side of the MCPCB that feeds the heat directly to the reflector.

PFlexPro FlashLight – What You Should Know?

One of the most amazing features of this flashlight is its lumens. With 1200 lumens, it can be used to illuminate an object or person in a far distance. It can also penetrate a window tint to reveal what is behind the window, especially a car window tint. It is so bright that it can brighten up a whole house.

The wonderful thing about the flashlight is that there are 22 menu preferences for how you want the light to be, this feature can be achieved by a number of clicks on the light switch.  The flashlight can be adjusted from 1200 lumens which is wonderful for the outdoors, to 180 lumens that will be apt to look for that receipt under your table.

The really cool thing about this feature, taking a keen look at the pflexpro review, is that it can’t fluctuate in between modes of brightness because it has lock mode that keeps the flashlight at a particular mode or type of brightness. Its importance of the brightness can’t be overemphasized. It also has the combined power of both flood and spill of light and also balances between throw and spill, which means it can illuminate a whole room and at the same time be able to focus on something. It is also artifact-free.

It’s ideal for searching a house, hunting, camping, attaching to guns, and for other nocturnal activities or situations that require artificial light. With the variance in brightness, the PflexPro flashlight is ideal for the Great Outdoors and has several indoor applications. It also causes bounce or reflection indoors, so objects can be seen clearly inside. You also have a choice of picking either the smooth reflector or the Orange reflector, both of which are artifact-free. Though the smooth reflector has more throw than the orange reflector, both of them make great reflectors.

It’s also not so big with awesome body design. The PflexPro flashlight has other remarkable features. It works on rechargeable batteries which makes it last much longer than its counterparts. You don’t have to worry about using it in the rain, or worried when it falls into water, this torch is waterproof.

You shouldn’t be afraid if you are clumsy too, because it also has shock resistance, so if it drops, you just pick it up and keep using it. With these two features, the PflexPro is extremely durable. It is your best bet in the sun or in the rain, whether mountain climbing or walking in the valleys.

Temperature management is one of its strong features, doesn’t overheat, and regulates the temperature. It also has a low voltage regulation. In case you accidentally place the batteries wrongly, it has reverse battery protection, making it safe from damaging the flashlight if the batteries are placed wrongly. It comes in a padded envelope, wrapped and sealed in plastic film with an instruction manual.

PFlexpro- Main Features

PFlexpro review further reveals that it comes with a unique Micro-Textured lens which can be readily adapted for use in other flashlights. It will smooth out the beam (eliminate artifacts) increasing output and with an insignificant effect on the throw. With the Micro-Textured lens and a smooth reflector, the beam will be smoother and more artifact-free than you would get with an orange peel reflector. So you can maintain the throw of a smooth reflector but have the smoothness of an orange peel reflector.

Among users, it is gathered for this Pflexpro review that it has one of the widest use and can be used anywhere light is needed. It can function indoors as a light source for the room, it can be used to search for anything in the dark coming handy in any indoor activity or search. It can also be amazing for outdoor activities too, it can be used for hunting, camping, a hot chase, penetrate window tint, it is a wonderful flashlight that stands apart from others due to its exceptional throw. You will clearly see an object 85 yards away without straining your eyes.

PFlexPro Convoy C8 Review

The Convoy C8 was designed by one of the greatest companies in the flashlight industry. Being quality lovers, they spared no expense in creating one of the most powerful and best flashlights in the industry. The Convoy C8 is an amazing flashlight with so much throw of light in a compact body. Let’s see how really wonderful this flashlight is.

PFlexPRO Convoy C8 is the brightest single 18650 single emitter flashlight available in the market using ANSI FL1 test methods and a U2-1A Cree XM-L2. It typically delivers 1200 lumens and 375-meter throw! It has an exact make as our Convoy M1 Reverse Clicky, but with a larger reflector.

PFlexPro Flashlight
PFlexPro Flashlight

PFlexPRO Convoy C8 build is fully potted to enhance thermal efficiency and for outstanding durability. The larger head (reflector) diameter provides a tighter hot spot and greater throw than the M1 build, but with less spill.

One of the most amazing and awesome things about this flashlight is the amount of throw light it gives. Though it has a compact body, it gives a really wonderful throw. This is because it has XPL Hi emitter and smooth reflector which makes the throw possible.

It has between 950 and 1100 lumens at 30 seconds with a lux of 6500 candelas. This makes it a bright light that can illuminate an object 220metres away, therefore ideal for hunting and other nocturnal activities. It is the best thrower out there better than its competitors. Its light comes out clear because of its amazing white tint which helps in its amazing throw, and also its brightness.

It also has an anti-reflective coated glass which gives it a really clear non-reflective light. Its beam doesn’t have a spill because it made to be a thrower not a flood kind of light. One sweet thing about the Convoy C8 is that it can’t suddenly go off on you because it has a moonlight output and low voltage protection that can last a few hours.

ProFlex Convoy C8

Following the Pflex pro reviews, you do not run the risk of accidentally turning it off because it can be easily be locked out by slightly unscrewing the tail cap threads, so it doesn’t go off or increase in brightness without your permission. Though the Convoy C8 runs the risk of overheating when left alone for a long time, it doesn’t take away the fact that the flashlight is an amazing thrower when monitored and can show an object far away, pinpointing the object.

Aside from the usual initial drop in output (due to li-ion voltage drop) immediately after turning on, the Convoy C8’s output is relatively stable, declining slowly as the battery discharges. Thus maximum output can be sustained with no automatic step-downs until a manual step-down is required due to heat management. Automated step-downs only occur as part of the low voltage protection on discharged cells.

Convoy C8
Convoy C8

The ProFlex Convoy C8 has the larger size head for greater throw. You will shot a small object from a distance of about 85 yards with a very clear view. While it is similar to other PflePro makes, it is larger and a little heavier but it does really throw almost double the Proflex M1.

Light has a great tint, very tight beam for throw. Fit and finish and anodizing are perfect. It comes with original instructions and performance print out, lanyard and holster. So when you go hunting, you can hang it comfortably on your neck or hand, removing totally the stress of struggling to put to it your pocket.

It has a simple user interface. The Convoy C8 is a really calm flashlight that comes in an anodized body that is really stylish and gives a cool vibe. The Convoy C8 comes in a neatly-packaged foam wrapper, which protects it from damage during transport. Its pack is not really attractive, it just has a sticker that reveals product code.

The flashlight itself is protected by bubble plastic wrap which prevents harm from coming to it even if harms come to the container. The Convoy C8 comes in a simple package, but don’t be deceived by its simplicity, it’s an amazing flashlight.

The Convoy C8 is also relatively small, which means it’s easy to carry from one place to another, making it portable.  It can be used in any situation. It can be kept in your bag and carried to wherever you want.

This feature makes it easy to be used for camping and other nocturnal activities. The amazing thing is that even with this size, it produces a light that can bring into a focus an object far away, revealing what it is and making it as clear to the eyes as possible.

The Convoy C8 can be used anywhere, whether inside when you want to illuminate your room or go hunting, this flashlight is ideal for you. It is wonderful for hunting, camping and even searching the woods for your puppy in the night.

It is also ready for use in your home and will provide a warm and clear glow that will be suitable in case of a power outage. Pflexpro is also wonderful for other nocturnal activities. It can be used in caves, to light up your path when you are farming for gold or diamond. The Convoy C8 is great for both outdoor and indoor activities.

PFlex Pro Battery Life

PflexPro review shows that it has rechargeable batteries designed to meet the toughest situation. It means the flashlight lasts longer before you consider changing the batteries. When fully charged, the Pflex Pro can last a full hour at its brightest, giving you amazingly bright and clear light for a full hour.

It also has low voltage protection which protects the battery. The battery life of the Pflex makes it an ideal flashlight. Don’t however try to use non-rechargeable batteries in this flashlight because it will damage the flashlight. 

It has temperature management that protects the battery which allows high power output without heat destroying the cells, the temperature of the battery and the flashlight can also be adjusted.

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